Payment Options

Help on paying for items via PayPal...


  1. Select the item you wish to pay for.If paying for a won auction then go to your members area and select the "Won Auctions" link on the bottom left, underneath the header "Purchases"
  2. Select the item you wish to pay for by pressing the "Buy Now" link. This will then take you to a payment option page.Pay via PayPal or Wallet. Now press the "Proceed To Next Step" button.
  3. After doing all of the above,you will now be taken to paypal secure website...
  4. Login with your paypal details.
  5. On the left side is a description of the item you are paying for and the amount. On the right side is your postal address,contact details etc. Review all of this to ensure correct details.
  6. Now press the "Continue" button.
  7. Payment has been made!


Failure of paypal payments will only be due to lack of funds in your paypal account or incorrect login details.321BID can not help you with your paypal account,we can only help you understand the process of payment using paypal through our website.