Responsible Bidding

Be Responsible




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Online auctions are a fun and exciting way of shopping online for high quality products and amazing bargains.

321bid takes their responsibilities very seriously.

321bid realises that an excessive use of the website may rarely lead to personal and social distress where users are spending too much time on the website and away from their friends and family.

321bid is extremely committed to provide users with a very positive and fun experience.

We therefore encourage all our users to follow the guidelines below.

  1. Decide on a weekly or monthly budget that you feel comfortable with, and do not exceed this
  2. Take regular breaks from auction bidding
  3. Do not participate in the auctions after consuming alcohol, drugs or medications
  4. Do not participate in the auctions if you are in a depressive mood or out of desperation
  5. Before beginning the bidding process on a product, clearly decide on the maximum number of bids you are willing to place on that auction where you will not bid any further and commit to these
  6. Before you start bidding, make sure you are clear-headed, relaxed, rested and concentrated